Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blogging Break

Zorro cools off in the evening during the heat wave.
Evidently, I've been taking a blogging break. I didn't intend to. Last week's heat wave forced a break (it was too hot for me or the computer) and I was going to resume immediately after the weather cooled. But things have become so awesomely busy that I haven't been able to edit photos or write. I'm going away, today, for a few days to join my husband, so there will be no blogging for me until next week. I hope you all have the best weekend ever and that the weather is perfect!


  1. What a cute picture of Zorro! Have a good trip.

  2. Love the picture of Zorro, Andree. I hope you and John have a lovely time and that you get some interesting photos.

  3. Have a good trip. Zorro looks awesome!

  4. Cute photo!

    I took a blogging break becasue I was camping.


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