Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Cats on Tuesday: Zorro on the Roof

See Zoro? The black smudge on the barn joist?

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John is taking down the barn. It is unsafe and will be rebuilt. Here, you see that half of the barn is down. Zorro decided on this day that he had to investigate all of this and somehow he climbed on the roof. I have a series of photos here showing his adventures

Maybe Zorro can get down this way?
"Come get me down!" he hollers.
Ignored, Zorro ponders what to do next.
Zorro walked to the roof and found his way down!
Zorro eventually got down, but I don't know how!

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  1. Your Zorro is like the Zorro in the movie (acted by Antonio Banderas) who can climp up, jump from roof to roof and then find a way to get down. :)

  2. That's typical cat, first they climb high, then they scream for help and when you climb up they jump down and you are sitting up there. That happened to Mr. G and Arthur who climbed on a tree, lol !
    Thanks for telling me that the link thing was down, I put the wrong date, sorry ! Now it works again.

  3. Curiosity killed the cat!

  4. Cats are very clever. You can almost hear them thinking when they are trying to solve a problem, like climbing down a tree or roof. :)

  5. "Climb up here and get me down!!!" Always a great cat game.


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