Sunday, July 04, 2010


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They did fireworks from Crystal Lake this year, which meant that I could stay home and photograph them from our bedroom window with my 250mm lens. I watched a YouTube video for my camera settings (Camera: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi; Exposure: 2 sec; Aperture: f/14.0; Focal Length: 250 mm; ISO Speed: 400), set up the tripod and was ready to go. I was supposed to use manual focus and set it on infinity, but there is no such setting on my 250mm lens so I used autofocus. I also forgot to set ISO to 100 and white balance to daylight. There were not as many fireworks this year, but it was good enough for me. After looking at professional photos of fireworks, I feel that these are very squiggly, but I'm satisfied. Next year I'll do better!



  1. Looks like it was very festive! I have yet to tackle photographing fireworks.


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