Friday, July 09, 2010

Hiking Up May Brook with Arthur

Arthur (l) and John (r) at the bottom of the flume.
Our house is the white speck on the right.
When our friend Arthur visited in early June, we took a short hike up May Brook. May Brook begins from May Pond and goes by the house, flowing into the beaver bog. It was a rather short hike because Arthur had to return to New Hampshire early. Arthur never wears shoes, so he hiked barefoot! He is so used to going barefoot that he never gets hurt. These are some of my favorite photos of this tramp we took.  All the photos will open large in a new window if you click on them.

Looking up the flume.
John and Arthur were standing at
the bottom of the flume in the photo above.

Old stone foundation of an old mill at the flume.
May Brook just before it slides down the flume.
A dam that kids made for a swimming hole
has been taken by beaver who built their own, bigger dam.
The swimming hole above the new beaver dam.
An ancient stone wall follows May Brook.
I played with shutter speeds to get the water effect I wanted.
John points out something to Arthur.
Another waterfall.
A little yellow spider eats a bug.


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