Friday, July 02, 2010

Pansies for the FOURTH Time

The pansy pot after Sophie Dog dug them up. Again.
Well, Sophie Dog dug up the pansies again. It happened during the weekend of our wedding, May 29. We thought Daisy Dog had done it. Or the chickens, or a raccoon or skunk. But after some detective work, we learned it was our dog. I was pretty upset. This was the third time she dug them up and we thought we had her tie far enough from the pansies to keep them safe. But we were wrong and Sophie Dog outwitted us.  The sad story of the pansies is told in these posts. I did get to the nursery for more pansies, but they only had six white ones, which we bought. Amelia replanted them and she also moved the dogs into the back of the house. Hopefully our pansies will survive the summer now!


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