Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Barton Village Yard Sale

Catgirl & Ironman in front of the library during the village yard sale
 Barton Village has a village-wide yard sale on the last Saturday of every June. It's a great kickoff to the summer and the village road is very busy, nearly impassable (as you can see above). I took Catgirl and Ironman to it this year and gave them each $1 to spend. I thought that they would spend it very quickly on the first thing they saw. But it took them two hours! We had to visit every single booth for a mile on both sides of the road before they would buy anything.. They compared prices, too! In the photo above, they are standing in front of the library, which was having a book/bake sale. No cookies for these two kids! Catgirl got a paper and fabric doll set and Ironman got a Catholic saint's medal (he's into men's jewelry lately). Six weeks later, the paper dolls and the necklace are still being used and worn.


  1. Great kids! Good choices for them! YAY!

  2. Looks like they had fun. A great way to learn to shop. My daughter is very careful with her dollars at these events.


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