Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Engine 202

Engine 202 of the Washington County Railroad
For years, I have been trying to photograph the train when it comes through town. It has a pretty regular schedule, but I don't. And if I am at the tracks when it passes by, I usually don't have a camera. But on this day I did! I was going shopping with my sister, so was on my way out of town when the train came. These are lousy shots because I had the long lens on. These photos were taken at the intersection of Rt 5 and 16 in Barton Village on June 24. Yes, I am still way, way behind on blogging!
The Washington County Railroad (WACR)  "is a shortline railroad operating in Vermont, forming part of the Vermont Rail System. The WACR began operating in 1980 over the old Montpelier and Barre Railroad in Washington County, which the state acquired to ensure the continuance of rail service, and ceased operations in early 1999. Later that year, after interim service by other companies, operations were transferred to a new WACR subsidiary of the Vermont Rail System. In 2003, operations were greatly expanded through acquisition by the state and operation by the WACR of a former Boston and Maine Corporation and Canadian Pacific Railway line between Newport and White River Junction, which had most recently been operated by subsidiaries of the bankrupt Bangor and Aroostook Railroad." source:
Train passes E. M. Brown's big, blue store

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