Sunday, September 12, 2010

Camera Critters #127: The Great Waffle War

My daughter, Amelia, made waffles one Sunday but had one left over (can you imagine having leftover homemade waffles?). So she tossed it outside for the chickens. Later that morning, in front of my computer in front of the window, I heard a huge, and I mean huge, commotion. I saw three hens chasing a fourth hen around the yard. The first hen had something large and golden in her mouth. The others were squawking as loud as they could. The chickens ran around the house yard, into the woods, out of the woods, around the wood pile, through the gardens, and around the driveway ! They eventually all got a piece of it, but not before I got some great shots! I decided to use Flickr's slideshow feature for this post. It's funnier if you run the slideshow fast but I couldn't find the code to do that. I hope you enjoy this romp as much as I did! Thank you for visiting today.

Camera Critters
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