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LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for September 12, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010
Jeremiah 4:11-12, 22-28
Psalm 14
Exodus 32:7-14
Psalm 51:1-10
1 Timothy 1:12-17
Luke 15:1-10

Jeremiah 4:11-12, 22-28

11 at dat tiem dis peeps an jerusalem will be told, "a scorchin wind frum teh barren heights in da desert blows toward mah peeps, but not 2 winnow or cleanze;
12 wind 2 strong 4 dat comez frum me. [a] nao i pronounce mah judgments against them."
22 "mah peeps r fools; They do not knoe me. They r senseles children; They has no understandin. They r skilld in doin evil; They knoe not how 2 do gud."
23 i lookd at teh earth, An it wuz formles an empty; An at teh heavens, An their light wuz gone.
24 i lookd at teh mountains, An they wuz quakin; All teh hills wuz swayin.
25 i lookd, an thar wuz no peeps; Evry bird in da sky had flown away.
26 i lookd, an teh fruitful land wuz desert; All itz towns lay in ruins Before teh lord, before his fierce angr.
27 dis ar teh wut teh lord sez: "teh whole land will be ruind, Though im gonna not destroy it completely.
28 therefore teh earth will mourn An teh heavens aboov grow dark, Cuz i has spoken an will not relent, I has decidd an will not turn bak."

Psalm 14

1 Short bus kittehs sez "No Ceiling Cat!"
Theyz bad.
2 Ceiling Cat watches you masturbate,
and iz like, do u getz it?
3 Theyz still bad
4 Dont thoze bad guyz
who eat teh kittehs like cheezburgers
reeulize that Ceiling Cat TOTALY RULEZ?!!
5 Ceiling Cat likez us better
6 We hidez under Ceiling Cat,
cuz hes like, really big.
7 When Ceiling Cat bring back teh kittehs,
that Jacob dood will be preety happi,
and Izrael is all liek, "Way cool!"

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Meet Christopher, the so-called “guardian angel” of the Nine Lives Foundation’s Feline Well-Care Clinic in Redwood City. Christopher came to the clinic with a fractured pelvis, and, after recuperating, stuck around to help other unwell cats in the clinic.

What makes Christopher a “guardian angel” cat? Well, he seems to have a sixth sense that allows him to know when other cats require help. He has helped calm feral kittens, comforted cats in distress, and even assisted in a blood transfusion for an anemic kitten by making chief veterinarian Monica Thompson aware that he was the same rare blood type as the ill kitten:
“If I hadn’t paid attention to (Christopher), I probably would have lost the cat,” Thompson said.
We wish every kitteh could have a Christopher in its life.
Source: Mercury News / Via: GammaCat

Exodus 32:7-14

7 den teh lord sed 2 mosez, "go down, cuz ur peeps, whom u brought up out ov egypt, has become corrupt.
8 they has been quick 2 turn away frum wut i commandd them an has made themselvez an idle cast in da shape ov calf. they has bowd down 2 it an sacrificd 2 it an has sed, thees r ur godz, israel, hoo brought u up out ov egypt.
9 "i has seen thees peeps," teh lord sed 2 mosez, "an they r stiff-neckd peeps.
10 nao leef me alone so dat mah angr cud burn against them an dat i cud pwn them. den im gonna mak u into great nashun."
11 but mosez sought teh favor ov teh lord his ceilin cat. "lord," he sed, "y shud ur angr burn against ur peeps, whom u brung out ov egypt wif great powr an mighty hand?
12 y shud teh egyptianz say, it wuz wif evil intent dat he brought them out, 2 kill them in da mountains an 2 wipe them off da face ov teh earth? turn frum ur fierce angr; relent an do not brin disastr on ur peeps.
13 remembr ur servants abraham, isaac an israel, 2 whom u swore by ur own self: im gonna mak ur descendants as numerous as teh stars in da sky an im gonna giv ur descendants all dis land i promisd them, an it will be their inheritance furevr."
14 den teh lord relentd an did not brin on his peeps teh disastr he had threatend.

funny pictures-Somewhere . . . in the infinite wasteland of the Shadow Realm . . . the Basement Kittehs gather . . .
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Psalm 51

1 HALP, CEILING CAT; u said u wood luv me 4evar, and ur nice n stuff so plz make my invisible errors moar invisible
2 OH NOES TEH BATH but its ok coz mah invisible erorrs be washin' away
3 I knows what i done, mah invisible errors r like mirorrcat. Y U FOLLOWIN ME.
4 I dun u bad... u seen me doin it and sos u kan hit me with teh noosepapar and tell me to stfu.
5 I was bad even when i was a kittan.
6 U been lookin at me sinse i was all rollin around wit my bruders and sistars, wtf? How u been teechin me der?
7 I can has harbl? Den i will be kleen. Oh noes bath
8 I can has cheezburger? Mah broked legs will be dancin'
9 Plz dont be watchin' me masturbate, ceiling cat; if u watch plz foget.
10 Plz bake me a cookie, Ceiling Cat, but do not eated it :-( I can have ninja skills plz?
11 Noes pleez dont throw me into teh cold! Outside is bad 4 kittehs.
12 Halp me be moar like Happycat. I will maked a cookie for U.
13 Den I tell dogz 2 B like U. And all kittehs will love U 2.
14 Doan let nobudy eat me plz Ceiling Cat. Den I will say YAY!
15 Ceiling Cat, I can has singing plz?
16 U would not like I bring you the bukket I stoled.
17 Ceiling Cat likes sad kitteh? Cheezburger not mine? OK, I sorreh.
18 Nice Ceiling Cat. ::: pat pat pat :::
19 Cheezburgers for everybudy!

funny dog pictures-Did you jus calls mah momie a basement cat, goggie?!
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1 Timothy 1:12-17

12 Ceiling Cat FTW cuz he noez I r faythful n he makeded me his servant,
13 even tho I useded 2 say bad thingz n persekyute othr cats n stuff: he showed me I r doin it rong,
14 n now I'z ok.
15 Iz faythful n good 2 say dat Jebus came 2 da world 2 help us stop doin it rong. I useta be da worst of all,
16 but Christ Jebus gaveded me mercy n now Jebus showz evryone how much he sufferd, so they can has eternal life 2.
17 Dear Invisibl Ceiling Cat, u pwn; plz hav honor n glory 4ever kthxbai.

Luke 15:1-10
Teh Storey Bowt Losted Sheeps

1 Den all IRS d00dz an bad kittehs coem to hear Jebus.
2 An Fariseez sez "LOL Jebus etz wit bad kittehs! Him sux!'
3 Jebus sez, "WTF?
4 If lolcat had hundrd sheeps an won gits losted, doan him leev naintee nain sheeps an go luk fr losted won?
5 Den him find it an iz liek 'w00t!'
6 An dem him coem hoem, trow partee cuz him finded losted sheep. Srsly!
7 Ceiling Cat moar happi wen a bad kitteh being maed lolcat den bowt naintee nain gud kittehs."

Teh Storey Bowt Losted Muneez
8 "Or if lolcat haz ten muneez an losted won, doan her luk all ovr an up on hai shalf an undr sofa and evrywher til her finded it?
9 Den she trow partee wit all her frndz and sez 'w00t! I finded mai losted muneez!'
10 Ceiling Cat liek dat wen won bad kitteh being maed lolcat."

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