Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Onion Part 3

July 2010

Way back I planted an ordinary yellow onion in a pot to see what would happen to it. I posted about it here, where it looked like this when I potted it:

December 2009

I posted about my onion again after it had grown a bit and looked like this:

February 2010
 You can see that it is now huge! I was thrilled to see the flowers on it. But the flower head was covered with a papery skin, just like the onions are. As the flower inside the skin grew, it finally burst the skin and emerged, as you can see in the photos below:

A "bud" covered emerging from its papery skin.
The buds are free of their wrapper now.
The lovely, onion smelling flower has now bloomed.
 I have a photograph of a lovely moth on this flower, but I can't find the photo yet. I will as I continue to get caught up on editing photographs. The flowers are dying back now because of the frosty nights. Eventually I will dig up the original onion to see what happened to it. Try this yourself, but make sure you have a huge pot!

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