Thursday, September 09, 2010

Published! (Again!)

My photos in Northern Woodlands Autumn 2010 edition.

Northern Woodlands Magazine contacted me a couple of months ago asking to use some of my mushroom photos for their autumn edition and I said yes. I have always enjoyed reading the magazine and intended, always, to subscribe. Now I have. They have a great website at You should peruse it and sign up for their free e-mail newsletter. You can subscribe from the site too, for their print magazine. You can view my photos and the article by Charles W. Johnson on page 16. Johnson has written at least 3 books.One, Bogs of the Northeast, is on my list of books to read as soon as possible (since, as you all know, we live on the beaver bog here) and it's at the library!. Johnson has another great mushroom article here.

The owner of the thumb holding the edible Chantarelle mushroom is my husband, John. Remember: don't even touch the poisonous mushrooms! John knows how to handle them and never touches anything after touching them until he washes in a brook. This is the perfect time of year to go into the woods and find mushrooms. The autumn rains help the spores grow and bloom very quickly. When you photograph mushrooms be sure to get the gills underneath. The stem, and how it connects to the mushroom head, is important too. Now get out there and take a pile of photos!


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