Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Ironman!

Corbin's Nasturtium (11)

I was editing photos today from July 20, and I came across photos of Ironman and Catgirl. Ironman had chosen and planted nasturtium seeds earlier in the season and they had grown big and beautiful. Ironman and I thought we needed photographs of his first attempt at planting flowers. The photographs were great. The coincidence is that today, October 14th, is Ironman’s fifth birthday! Happy birthday! I hope your memories of this past summer are as rich as mine are! Your nasturtiums (below) were gorgeous and next year we will plant many more!

Corbin's Nasturtium (20)

Earlier that day, Ironman’s sister, Catgirl, had dressed up her dog, Willow, in a Barbie cape and a headband. Willow was too busy with her bone to care about her costume! I love this photograph of this lovely young girl. I am looking forward to the birthday party tomorrow night!

Willow Dog and Sophie (1)


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  1. Fantastic photos! You've got some real talent there! He's a cute little guy.


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