Friday, October 08, 2010

Library Blogs & Banners

Barton Public Library blog

I spent the better part of the weekend and this week working on a blog, web site, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook pages and a calendar for the Barton Public Library. If you subscribe to my Flickr feed (look at the sidebar to subscribe if you haven't already), you will have already seen a lot of the graphic work that was involved. I made the banner for the new blog myself from photos I took last week of leaves on the ground under the old maple tree. The banner works quite well, I think.

So while I was waiting for some stuff to be formatted, I began playing with this blog here. I have been wanting to add a banner here but was having problems deciding what photograph to use. I love my photo of the black-eyed susan with the black background (the black came from shooting in shadows at dusk). The depth of field was perfect for the flower. John made some suggestions for the crop for the photo and I created the banner that you see above.
The task after the banner was made was to size it and then coordinate the blog colors. And the colors are the problem. I consulted everyone in the house, late at night, and they pretty much unanimously agreed on the color scheme you see here. I am torn between this yellow scheme, a brown scheme, or a "stainless steel" black and gray scheme. I will be playing with the color scheme a bit in the near future. I'll also be changing banners as I feel the urge and as seasons change.

So drop by the new library blog, become a fan on Facebook, and visit the library soon! We have some great stuff going on there! And be sure to subscribe to the blog and the calendar, and follow our tweets!


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