Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Little Chipmunk

Chipmunk (3)

This little guy was hanging out at the cottage we stayed in in Sutton, New Hampshire in July. Chipmunks are fun to watch. Usually. They can be vicious, even cannibalistic! The area here is full of acorns, so this chipmunk was busy hoarding for the winter.

Chipmunk (6)

There are only 25 species of chipmunks in the world and they all, except one, live in North America. They are the smallest member of the squirrel family. Our Eastern Chipmunk in New England lives in the eastern United States and southern Canada. They can climb trees but nest underground.

Chipmunk (7) Chipmunk (8)



  1. Have you seen chipmunks being predators? (I have--did you see my story about that?)


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