Saturday, November 13, 2010

Larvae Match-up Part 2

Last week, I showed the larvae and moths or butterflies of eight different species. I have five more tonight. What I find surprising (but probably shouldn't) is that I have photographs of some identified moths that I cannot find photos of the larvae.

Like before, each larvae / moth set has at least one photograph by me. The other photos are credited and linked so that you can find more information and different photos. All links will open in a new window or tab. So here we go!

Waved Sphinx Moth
Ceratomia undulosa

Larva (photo:

Adult (photo: this past summer)

Waved sphinx moth (5) - Copy

Mottled Prominent Moth
Macrurocampa marthesia

Larva (photo:

Adult (photo: on the garage this summer)

Mottled Prominent moth - Copy

Pearl Crescent Butterfly
Phyciodes tharos

Larva (photo:

Adult (photo taken by me in Sutton, New Hampshire this past summer)

Pearl Crescent Butterfly  3

Virginia Ctenucha Moth
Ctenucha virginica

Larva (photo:

Adult (photo: this past summer on my dirty garage window)

Virginia Ctenucha Moth (4)

Rheumaptera hastata/subhastata species group
These geometer moths cannot be identified by looking at an image. They are separated by examination of the genitalia (which I was not about to do). See the Rheumaptera Info page for specifics. I therefore have two larvae for one moth. If I ever see one of the larvae some summer, I may know which moth I photographed.

Rheumaptera larva (photo:

Rheumaptera prunivorata larva (photo:

Adult (photo: again, my filthy garage window this past summer)

Hastata/subhastata Butterfly species group (5)
I have sixteen more butterflies and moths in my collection to match up, so there will be more posts. Check back next week!


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