Thursday, November 18, 2010

Larvae Match-up Part 3

I never knew I had so many species of butterflies and moths photographed! This series will have two, maybe three, up-coming sections. Tonight, two of the species I have matched up were not matched by me, but by Pete. He commented on the Lost Larvae post with his match ups for the first two larvae of the night — the Modest Sphinx and the Bristly Cutworm moths. I can't contact him to thank him personally, so I thank him here!

Modest Sphinx Moth
Pachysphinx modesta

Larva (photo:

Adult (photo: this past summer)

Modest Sphinx moth (3)

Bristly Cutworm Moth
Lacinipolia renigera

Larva: bristly cutworm (photo: Insects of Alberta)

Adult (photo from this past summer)

Bristly Cutworm Moth  2

Viceroy Butterfly
Limenitis archippus

Larva (photo:

Adult (photo: summer of 2009 in the drivway)

Viceroy Butterfly (Limenitis archippus) - 08

Luna Moth
Actias luna

Larva (photo:

Adult (photo: New Hampshire, 2009)

Luna Moth (Actias luna) - 01

Harnessed Tiger Moth
Apantesis phalerata

Larva (photo:

Adult (photo: this past summer)

Harnessed Tiger Moth  (13)

Robin Moth
Hyalophora cecropia

Larva (photo:

Adult male (photo by Grandson Wingnut, July 2007)

Male Robin Moth - 6



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