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LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the First Sunday of Advent, November 28, 2010

First Sunday of Advent
Sunday, November 28, 2010
Isaiah 2:1-5
Psalm 122
Romans 13:11-14
Matthew 24:36-44


Isaiah 2:1-5

Ceiling Cat Has Hims a Mowntin
1 Ok so dis am wot Isaiah heerd bout Judah and Jerusalem.
2 Ceiling Cat will to havs teh bigest mowntin cuz him r kinng of awl.
3 Lotsa peeps will b liek, 'O wao, dats a sweet crib, letz to goe der.' An dey will an dey will b liek, 'Kewl.'
4 Ceiling Cat will juge betwn teh nayshunz, and for lotz of peepz; dey will beet thair saurds intwo plaushairs, and thair speers intwo prooning hookz; nayshun wont be liftin up saurd to uhther nayshun, no mawr will dey be learnin bout war.


Psalm 122

1 I go rejoicez with those who sayz 2 me, "Lets go 2 teh house of teh Lord!"
2 Are feet r standing in ur gates, o Jerusalem!
3 Jerusalem is builded like a city that is dense, man.
4 Thats where teh tribes go up— the tribes of teh Lord— 2 praise teh Name of teh LORD according 2 teh statute given 2 Israel.
5 Their stand teh thrones for judgment, teh thrones of teh house of David.
6 Plz pray for teh peace of Jerusalem: "May those who love u be secures.
7 May there b peace in ur walls and security in ur citadels."
8 4 teh sake of ma homies and of all teh peeplez, I will say, "Peace be in u!"
9 For teh sake of teh house of the Lord, I will seek ur prosperity.

funny pictures-It is not every day that we are needed.  But at this place,  at this moment of time,  all mankind is us,
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Romans 13:11-14

11 Naow gitcher lazy cat butt azz up outa yer comfy chair, cuz youse gunna salivate onna fast fud cheezebrgrz.
12 Lazy azz cat, nyte tyme dun; wakey wakey. You nawt prwl in dark alleyz no mor but ware shiny wyte furz.
13 Be reeeeel niec catz, nawt hav orgy anna booz anna sleep inna puke, nawt hav buttseckz an nawt do doggie styl, srsly.
14 Sted, put kittn Lard Jebus Krisps PJz onya, an nawt tink bout handjobz, buttseckz, jynaseckz or uddr stuffz. Iz frickin srsly tell youse Perv catz.

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Matthew 24:36-44

Teh dai an hour unknown!
36 "but bout dat dai or hour no wan knows, not even teh angels in heaven, nor teh son, [e] but only teh fathr.
37 as it wuz in da dais ov noah, so it will be at teh comin ov teh son ov man.
38 4 in da dais before teh flood, peeps wuz eatin an drinkin, marryin an givin in marriage, up 2 teh dai noah enterd teh ark;
39 an they knew nothin bout wut wud happen til teh flood came an took them all away. Dat iz how it will be at teh comin ov teh son ov man.
40 2 doodz will be in da field; wan will be taken an teh othr left.
41 2 women will be grindin wif hand mill; wan will be taken an teh othr left.
42 "therefore keep watch, cuz u do not knoe on wut dai ur lord will come.
43 but understand dis: if teh ownr ov teh houz had known at wut tiem ov nite teh thief wuz comin, he wud has kept watch an wud not has let his houz be brokd into.44 so u also must be ready, cuz teh son ov man will come at an hour when u do not expect him.

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