Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lost Larvae

As I match larvae and moths / butterflies, I have photographs of seven species for which I cannot find photographs of the larvae on the Internet. Perhaps one of you knows where a photo exists and could leave a comment and let me know. Thank you!

Name My Photo

White-spotted Sable Moth
(Anania funebris)

White-spotted Sable Moth (Anania funebris) - 4

Large Maple Spanworm Moth
(Prochoerodes lineola)

Large Maple Spanworm Moth (Prochoerodes lineola) - 31

Common Ringlet Butterfly
(Coenonympha tullia)

Common Ringlet Butterfly (13)

Bristly Cutworm Moth
(Lacinipolia renigera)

Bristly Cutworm Moth  4

Modest Sphinx Moth
(Pachysphinx modesta)

Modest Sphinx moth (3)

Unmarked Dagger Moth
(Acronicta innotata)

Unmarked Dagger Moth (6)

Dark Marbled Carpet Moth
(Dysstroma citrata)

Dark Marbled Carpet Geometer Moth (3)



  1. Is this a modest sphinx moth larva?

    Bristly Cutworm:

  2. They are! Thank you so much, Pete. (I can't e-mail you so I hope you see this.) I don't know why I never saw the modest sphinx larva before. I know I looked at least twice at bugguide for it. And I never googled bristly cutworm because I had googled a couple of other lost larva and never found a thing. I gave up too early.

    Thank you for your work!


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