Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Random Shots of Summer

Day lily
One of our day lilies

Day lily (1)
I am fascinated by the stigma

geometer moth (3)
A geometer moth

another brown geometer moth (2)
Another, different, brown geometer moth

Bumblebee on red clover (3)
Bumblebee on red clover

Flash flood damage
Five-toed raccoon track and tiny, round Zorro the Cat
tracks in the mud after a flash flood.

Little zinnia (1)
Dwarf zinnia that Ironman successfully planted

Little zinnia (3)
They bloomed continuously until the first heavy frost in September.

Carolina grasshopper (2)
A Carolina grasshopper

Yellow woolly bear caterpillar
Yellow woolly bear caterpillar

HELP. . . Nashville warbler?
An unidentified warbler

Question Mark Butterfly (11)
Question Mark Butterfly


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