Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My E-Cards at Yankee Magazine

The Angry Hairy Woodpecker
Click the photo to go to the e-card.

The Yankee Magazine web site has free e-cards that you can send to anybody you know as a birthday card, get well card, or simply a post card. You can type your own message on it. All you need is your recipient's e-mail address.

I have begun submitting photographs to this e-card gallery. I have two up now and will be regularly submitting more. There are hundreds to choose from in all sorts of categories. I urge you to use this free and beautiful resource for your e-cards (and e-mails!). Please choose my photos for your cards. I get no money at all if you use mine, but I get recognition. Sort of. And it will make me proud!

With so many e-cards to choose from on the site, I have linked the woodpecker photo above directly to the e-card. Simply click the photo and the e-card will open in a new window.

The male hairy woodpecker in the photo is angry. He is trying to keep another male hairy woodpecker off of all of the suet feeders on our bird tree. The two males were aggressively strutting up and down the tree with their necks extended and their heads pointed to the sky. You can see more photos of these two at my post Quarreling Hairy Woodpeckers.

I will have my e-card links on the sidebar as soon as I have enough to justify coding a widget for that purpose.

And thank you for using my e-cards!


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  1. Congratulations on getting your photos accepted. I hope it leads to great things.


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