Saturday, February 05, 2011

My First Clipping Mask

A bumble bee on New England Aster

I made my first clipping mask to create the BEE text above and fill it with the photo below. I ran across this technique in my e-mail subscription to Kent Weakley's Photography Blog. Unfortunately, his video on how to create this effect was not sufficient and I had to find another video with more complete, and clearer, instructions. Peachpit has a sufficiently good video here, but I still had to improvise at the end of the video to end up with the text the way I wanted. I will continue to look for clearer instructions. It was a fun and easy project for a snow day, so try it! There are great possibilities here for banners. I should resize the photograph in the text to make the bee clearer, but I enjoy the ray effect of the aster petals. I also want to change the amount of transparency that surrounds the text. That is an editing thing though, and has nothing to do with clipping masks.

New England Asters   09.jpg
The original photo.


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