Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The End of the LOL Cat Bible Lectionary Readings

Last Sunday’s Lectionary Readings from the LOL Cat Bible were my last. I began the lectionary posts on  October 21, 2007 and never missed a week. I started this because of schedule changes at my church that prohibited me from attending Bible study. I missed it badly. We would read and discuss the week’s lectionary for the next Sunday. Somehow, my Bible Study loss morphed into the LOL Cat Bible Lectionary Readings. I remember writing that first lectionary post at the kitchen table at my daughter’s home in New Haven, Connecticut. It was early in the morning and I was the only one up. I had to be quiet but had to stay busy, so the lectionary readings idea came to me.  I began my posts using cats that I followed on the Internet, like Daisy the Curly Cat. But eventually I simply used images from I Can Has Cheeszburger?.

My life has changed and grown these past four years. I have been married and moved to New Hampshire and moved back to Vermont. And now I am in the middle of several more new and exciting changes in my life. I’m afraid that the Cat Bible Lectionary Readings are simply too much for me now. I have to move on to my new adventures.

funny pictures - Basement kitteh Meets Art Therapy Class
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Hundreds of you visit me every week to read the Lectionary Readings, and I thank you with all my heart. You may not continue to visit this blog and I understand completely, but I hope you do. I’m actually going to miss writing the weekly posts. Because of these posts, I made new friends, kept my hand in the cat blogging world, and brushed up my coding skills in HTML and CSS.  I’ll miss the chuckles that I had while reading the readings every week. A minister here in the Northeast Kingdom actually used my posts in her sermon once!

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I have begun my own business. After years of people telling me to do so, I am selling my photography online. My husband has finally pushed me into doing this after years of procrastination. And I have had some success selling locally and to magazines. I have placed a slide show of one of my galleries below. If you click on a photo that you are interested in, you will be taken to the photo page. Besides prints (framed and unframed) you can purchase merchandize from tote bags, t-shirts, playing cards, mugs, magnets and many other items with my photographs. For the month of March, I am offering you a 25% off one time coupon for items from my store. Just click a photo in the slide show below, choose a photograph from any gallery that you like, make your order and use the code CATBIBLE for your 25% discount. The photos in this slide show are only from the Farm Gallery, but there are eleven other galleries to browse for your selection. This offer expires March 31, 2011. I personally love the  folded notecards with envelopes. I never seem to have enough of these!

While you’re at it, be a fan on Facebook! I haven’t even promoted the Facebook page yet, so you may be the first fan! And the first fan will receive a free refrigerator magnet with her or his choice of photo! I will e-mail you with details if you are the winner.(This offer is not open to members of my family! Sorry, kids!)

Again, thank you all, and bless you!

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  1. I didn't read your lectionaries every week, but I did enjoy the ones I read. I have always admired your photography and am glad that you are having some success in selling your pictures.


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