Sunday, March 20, 2011

The First Day of Spring?

First Day of Spring, 2011-1.jpg
The annual "back of the house" shot showing how snow melt is progressing.
The semicircular tracks near the back door are from deer.

It was the annual Vermont Maple Open House weekend. We found no open sugar houses to visit. But it was also the first day of spring so we took a walk in the back by the road that John plowed (to ease his angst at there being snow). It wasn't a long walk but it was as long as we could make it. In the photograph above, you see the deer tracks around the back door. To the right of the door is a big shadow cast by the house and on the right border of that, near the garage, you can see a pile of snow. That pile, only one week ago, covered the entire living room window behind it. We're making progress! I love the snow half on and half off of the metal garage roof.

Deer Run -4.jpg
A deer run down the mountain.
That's a tamarack tree on the left.

There are deer trails all over out back. Here, above, is a photograph of one coming down off the mountain. See the tamarack tree in the foreground? It looks dead. It isn't.

American Pussywillow on First Day of Spring -3.jpg
American Pussywillow (Salix discolor)

Nearly all the pussywillows are in bloom! Now that is a sign of spring!

Spring Thaw at the Brook-3.jpg
The snowpack has been cut in half this past week!

The brooks are all running and gurgling happily. Love that sound of running water! And the depth of the snow is half of what it was last week! Happy days are coming . . .  but wait . . .

Winter Storm Warning
Hazardous Weather Outlook

I’m going to bed now.

(Hopefully, if you click the link, they will have cancelled tomorrow’s storm and the link will be dead)


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