Monday, March 07, 2011

Hiding Chickens

Barred Rock Hens   05.jpg
This hen thought I couldn't see her behind the day lily.

On this snowy day (an understatement — we are getting hammered here. I have never seen snow this deep at the house), it’s nice to look back on a warm October day. The chickens were enjoying the bugs in the garden. The chickens don't live here anymore. They moved to a farm where they could be warm with other animals this winter. There just were not enough chickens to survive the winter together in the barn. I miss them, but have my photographs. I hope they are doing well. They deserve a good winter after the way too exciting summer they had.

Barred Rock Hens   06.jpg

Barred Rock Hens   07.jpg


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  1. hi..i dont know how i reached this blog..sometime before i was in search for some scientific blogs in the blogosphere..but i was accidently droped here..

    im abith francis..from india..more precisely from kerala..again deeper, from kochi..again deeper..oh no u dont understand..ha ha :) :)

    really i wonder, oh god,hen in india and US,exactly look alike..i thought something differently before..

    anyways i enjoyed your post..nice snaps too hope-ur hen- they are doing well...


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