Monday, March 14, 2011

October’s First Snow

First Snow  -6.jpg
Our white house is tucked under the mountain down the road on the left.

Why in the world, one week after a three foot snowfall, would I post photographs of a dusting of snow in October? Because I love the photos and with all the computer and software problems I have had the past few months, I have been unable to post these until now.

Our first snow this winter was on Halloween. I did a Halloween post because the kids had to bundle up in snowsuits to go trick or treating.

The photo above shows our house underneath Barton Mountain. A cloud is beginning to pass over the mountain. The monochrome colors are broken by the double yellow line down the road. The small barn on the left stabled two horses back then. They have moved to another farm. The flat land on the right is the beaver bog (a small slice of a very large area). We love it here.

First Snow  -16.jpg

Old New England farmhouses grew over the decades. They have many roofs at different angles. I am fascinated by the geometry of these roofs. Do you see the two windows on the right of the house on the first floor, underneath the right chimney? Those windows are now invisible — hidden by feet and feet of snow. The backdoor could not be opened because of deep  snow blocking it. These windows and that door are always buried like this every winter. But some melting, some dripping from the eaves, and John's strength finally freed the door yesterday. He cleared a very narrow path from the back door to the left of the house so that I can go out and feed the birds. The spindly looking tree in the foreground is one of our tamarack trees — which I blogged yesterday.

First Snow  -18.jpg

I wandered out to the apple orchard to see the snow on the trees and brush. The first snow is always beautiful.

First Snow  -19.jpg

Tomorrow the weather here should be sunny and nearly 40°F (4.4°C)! I think I'll go outside. If I can find snow shallow enough to walk through.


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