Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi Mnemonic

from Michael Keith: Circle Digits — A Self-Referential Story

Happy π Day!


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  1. Now it's Ides of March. Can that day be happy also? We can try but it's almost over. Happy Ides of March, Andree.

    Mnemonics don't do a whole lot for me because I'm not a visual person. I cannot even visualize sheep to count. But I did go to the link of the Pi Mnemonics and watch the fun there. I've worked with large main frame computers at NASA back in the early days. I like my lap top better.

    I liked your Pi-ku Day idea. Thank you. I do wish you had written one.
    Kim did good with hers. I think she has aptly used circular reasoning. And besiedes, we all like happy babies.


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