Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Dancing Doe

White-tailed deer (5 of 15).jpg

I was on Telfer Hill Road when I came upon this young doe peacefully grazing in the field, quite close to the road. I pulled over, lowered the window and prepared the camera for photographing her. She munched and watched patiently but then danced off to the tree line. I know she was uncomfortable with me there, but she was not alarmed. It may look as if she took off quickly, but she took her time and stopped frequently to munch and watch me. I swear that she kicked up her legs purposefully because it was such a nice day!

White-tailed deer (7 of 15).jpg

White-tailed deer (9 of 15).jpg

White-tailed deer (10 of 15).jpg



  1. Thank you, Sandy. She was lots of fun!

  2. A beautiful end to a rather tough day, Life can be tough but this reminds me that it's not always so. thank you. Tracy gilman


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