Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little Wounded Dove

Mourning doves (3 of 4).jpg
Doves have very expressive faces.

This dove was behaving normally and even had a mate. But I noticed a bright red spot on its neck (below). We think it was a recent wound. I don't know how severe it is, so I'm glad the dove seemed happy and hoppy. I have seen her since this photo was taken, on April 2, and the spot is smaller and browner. She is still healthy and happy. Thank goodness!

Mourning doves (5 of 4).jpg



  1. I wonder what happened to her! I hope she continues to heal andnsurvive. Nice red squirrel and redpoll, also!!!

  2. Well, Mary, I hope it wasn't one of my cats! But I doubt it, really. But she is doing fine. She has a husband and they are happily trotting all over together! Have a great trip in Texas!


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