Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sign of Spring: Rhubarb Is Up!

Rhubarb is Up!!! (4 of 6).jpg

This is what the rhubarb looked like thirteen days ago. It is maybe a half inch taller now. If it would ever warm up and stop snowing, we would move it to the new septic tank access port. That is the green thing that is sticking out of the front yard. If we move all of the rhubarb there, it will look very attractive. The rhubarb plants all need to be separated, anyhow, so we can do both chores at the same time. I hope we can do it soon. We are both itching to dig and plant outside.

Today is the day that I chose for the Crystal Lake ice out. People win a lot of money in those raffles and I was absolutely certain that today (or even this week) would be the day.  In 2007 ice out was on April 22 at 4:55 PM (source: Vermont Weather Blog, ice out page). There is no way that ice out will happen tomorrow. It is now 30°F (-1°C) and snowing. The weather report says we will get about an inch of snow.


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