Monday, April 04, 2011

Two Pantries

Pantry construction (4 of 4).jpg
January 25, 2011

If you are a Facebook friend, you saw these photographs long ago. But I haven't posted them here because I do this blog in (usually) chronological order. Well, OK, not really, but I try. So these photos were taken back when the new kitchen didn't exist. The two pantries here were built first. They are built out of the wood that John took out of our bedroom floor upstairs, which was built long ago in order to keep the ancient plaster kitchen ceiling up (and it didn't work). It was expensive lumber and was a waste of money to be used in a floor. Now the wood has been put to good use. The pantry on the left is for food and on the right for bowls, pots and pans, baking dishes. These pantries are where I learned how to paint. I did a lot of the priming paint on them. More kitchen photos will be coming through now that my server and software problems are over.

Pantry construction (1 of 4).jpg

The hole in the ceiling above the pantries is the gravity heating system used over a hundred years ago. These were uncovered when the bedroom floor was removed. The original cast iron grates are on them. On another hole with another grate (behind me in this photo) the original tin "pipe" connecting the grate from the bedroom to the grate that should be in the ceiling in the kitchen but is now lost. We have to somehow recreate what they did in ancient times in the kitchen ceiling. For now we are simply keeping the hole in the ceiling. The bedroom no longer gets down to 40°F (4.4°C) on winter nights!


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