Friday, April 29, 2011

VIDEO: The Brook

Yesterday, I walked up the brook out back, the one directly behind the house that comes down into the back yard, and video taped it because I wanted to capture the music of it. The result — seven minutes and forty seconds of beautiful brook music that will totally bore you. For the video, I felt that we needed to name the brook. John wouldn't participate in that, so I named it Boulder Brook. Now in the morning I think that is such a lame name. But you will see a bit of the glacial erratics that inspired the name. The boulders house and shelter animals. You won't see much of them, though, because I failed to capture their enormous size. I'll do that next time. I ended the video at a flume (not Stone Flume, which I also taped yesterday, across the road, but another one behind the house), which is not where the brook begins, but it is as far as I felt like going after I fell into a hole that some critter dug under a humongous boulder, scraping and badly bruising my foot and ankle. Lesson to learn: never step close to the boulders. Somebody has dug a front or back door under the boulder and you will fall in.


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