Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Watering Hole

Fox Trail to the Spring (2 of 4).jpg

One of the brooks comes down the mountain and flows through the apple orchard. John and I went out four days after the first day of spring when the snow was three feet deep and so crusted that we did not need snowshoes to move around. It was fun being taller for a few hours! I saw that the orchard brook was open in this one spot and there were tracks down to the water. Foxes are using this spot for their water. If you look carefully on the left end of the open brook, you may see the faint tracks. Below, I have a closer shot of the tracks. They are faint and difficult to see.

Fox Trail to the Spring (3 of 4).jpg

I don't really like foxes. They have been known to eat kitties.


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  1. Andree, I, too like foxes. Up until about three years ago we could count on seeing some of the kits out playing or on the road until they learned to be more cautious of us. Coyotes have moved in and there are no more foxes. Coyotes probably have taken the best home sites and food sources.


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