Sunday, May 22, 2011

Early In May

Buds on apple tree eaten by wintering deer-1.jpg
Apple bud eaten by deer

Spring in northern Vermont begins after the last snowstorm and before the first black flies. It is when you walk your land to see what was damaged or has died and what is growing. There may be something new growing on your land or you may notice that it will be a good year for one species of plant. Early in May we saw how every apple bud up to five feet up on the trees has been eaten by the deer this winter. Apple picking will be a bit difficult this fall!

Interrupted Fern fiddleheads (Osmunda claytonia)-9.jpg
The fiddlehead of the interrupted fern (Osmunda claytonia)

The grove of interrupted ferns on the bank of the brook near the spring well is not as lush as it used to be. That may be because we have walked in the area too much. But the many ferns that are there are strong and healthy (below).

Interrupted Fern fiddleheads (Osmunda claytonia)-5.jpg

spring azure- (2 of 2)
Spring azure butterfly

The first butterfly photographed this season was the spring azure. They are very small and startlingly blue on the top. This is the underside of the wings. The first butterfly spotted this year was the mourning cloak in April.

Purple Trillium (Trillium erectum)-13-1.jpg

And of course, the purple trillium. They were abundant this year, as were the trout lilies.

Black flies are out now, so I'm not getting out as much as before. But I've got some marvelous photographs coming up soon! Spring is a miracle.


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