Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Flowers-2.jpg
A bouquet from Andrew

Mother's Day was three weeks ago and I continue to have wonderful memories of the day. Andrew sent the bouquet of flowers above. Amelia brought over the hanging basket of lobelia, shown below. I made my perfect pancakes for everybody. Anna called, and Danielle PMed me on Facebook. There was church and a good chicken dinner, followed by movies for just me and John here at home that night. It was a great day. So while all you other mothers posted timely thanks to your families on Mother's Day, I am only now giving mine. I have a wonderful family, a loving, thoughtful, hard-working husband, a marvelous home, cats who can be loving when they care to be, and friends and co-workers who are also loving. And tolerant. My life is full of activities and adventures. Not many women are as blessed as me.

Mother's Day Flowers-6.jpg
My basket of lobelia bathing in the sink.


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