Sunday, May 01, 2011

New Found Daffodil (It's Finally May!)

Daffodil buds found in the willows (2 of 3).jpg
April 22, 2011

When he was clearing the infernal willows from the brook near the house, John found this small bunch of daffodils growing in the brush on the other side of the brook. From other clues discovered there, we figure there used to be a flower garden over there. It must have been pretty with the brook bubbling and dropping beside the flowers. We are going to restore the area with other bulbs and roses. I can imagine what it will look like in coming years when I look out the window, across the brook, in the spring. I went over yesterday to photograph the daffodil that bloomed about three days ago. It is a frilly flower and reminds me, somehow, of lions.

Found Daffodil (10 of 14).jpg
April 30, 2011

Found Daffodil (11 of 14).jpg
Happy May!


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