Thursday, June 09, 2011

Apple Orchard Update

New apple trees-1.jpg
Two of the new apple trees

So far, the ten new apple trees are doing beautifully. They have developed many leaves and even some buds! We may not be getting apples from them this year, but they are growing big and strong.

Apple Trees Blossoming in the Orchard-4.jpg

The apple blossom in the photograph above is from the small tree below. This tree was growing on its side for years after it "fell" off a cliff. Using he tractor, John dug it up and planted it in the side yard near the brook. We didn't know if it would survive this transplant, but it leafed out and blossomed on May 26.

Transplanted apple tree-1.jpg
Transplanted apple tree

The older trees in the orchard are doing great. Let's hope conditions remain good for apples this year!


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