Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oscar, Our New Kitten

Oscar the Kitten-2.jpg

About ten days ago, a kind stranger found Oscar the Kitten abandoned on the streets of Newport, Vermont and took him to Frontier Animal Society in Orleans. This was about the same time that our sweet Zorro died. I thought it would be a long time before I adopted another kitty. We were all sad for many days — both cats and humans. Then one day I dropped by to visit my daughter Amelia, who is the assistant manager of Frontier. There was Oscar, waiting for me. After talking to John, who didn't object, and Amy, who had taken me off of her "no-adopt" list when Zorro died, I returned two days later and brought Oscar home. The poor thing had been altered and given all of his shots the day before, so his third eyelids are showing in these photos. He weighed 3.6 lbs. (1.6 kg) and was 3 months old.

Oscar the Kitten-5.jpg

During the past week, Oscar's first week at his new forever home here, Buddy and Pansy did not like him. Possum was undecided. Possum tried to get close to Oscar to sniff him over so that she could decide whether to love him or hate him. But Oscar likes to bounce his paws off of the other cats, so Possum was thinking this kitten was not a good thing.

Oscar the Kitten-6.jpg

The neatest thing about Oscar — besides his brash personality? He's double-pawed on all four feet! I've never had a double pawed cat before. I wonder if he can catch mice  well with all those toes? At times, he seems to have problems catching and holding objects.

Oscar the Kitten-8.jpg
We love Oscar's crazy, googly eyes.

Oscar the Kitten-12.jpg
Welcome to your forever home, Oscar.
Zorro approves and is happy that we have you.



  1. Congratulations on the new Kitty! Pawmetto is celebrating national adopt a cat month by sending out some free treats to those who participate! Email and we would love to send Oscar some!

    Here is some more infor:

  2. What does double pawed mean? Oscar is so cute, and I'm happy that you decided to take him in. Kittens are so much fun and I love it when you can bond with your kitten from such a young age. I have taken care of my kitten since he was about 3 weeks and he is so loving.


  3. Congratulations in give Oscar a forever loving home. He is so cute. You mean he is polydactyl meaning he has extra toes in his paws.

  4. Wonderful ! a tuxi found a new home ! so sweet ! Oscar could be part of "Cats on Tuesday" ( so that we know a little more about him each week on Tuesdays. My Rosie looks very much alike, she is now already 4 years in our house, but Pookie still hates her.

  5. Oscar is adorable! I love polydactyl kitties.

    Welcome to your Forever home, Oscar!

  6. Ohhh more pads on his feet? extra toes? I've never seen that before in my years working on a vet hospital. Is it noticeable? so cute! :)

  7. Thank you, Pawmetto. Your site is interesting, and I may send for some. Thank you for stopping in!

    Alyssa: it is what we call those cats with extra toes. Not actually two paws for one! "double-pawed" must be a local, New England expression. At least folks here know what it means. I've found that other people don't. I'm glad you stopped in.

    Thank you, Chair. Oscar is quite the cat. Exhausting but fun.

    Gattina: I've been thinking of doing COT again but I was dropping in and out too frequently and can't guarantee steady participation yet. I want to do it again! I'm glad you stopped by and I have to see how your little guys are doing.

    Daisy: thank you! I'm so glad you stopped in!

  8. Alyssa: it is SO noticeable! He has these huge mitts on him. Unfortunately, they can get in the way sometimes. He got one extra toe caught on a box the other day and it was quite painful for him.

  9. CUTE! I wishh you all well. (Wish we could have a cat). I always used to ahve cats and dogs.


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