Thursday, June 09, 2011

Our Moose of Beaver Bog

Moose in the Beaver Bog-13.jpg
Our moose has returned

Last summer we had a female moose in residence in the bog that we saw regularly three times a day for weeks. She appears to be back, bigger than ever. I don't know how to identify individual mooses, but animals usually return to spots that they have enjoyed in the past. So I say this is her. You can judge for yourself by clicking here and comparing.

Moose in the Beaver Bog-8.jpg
Here, she is munching cat tails.

The moose is in her "molt," so she looks pretty scruffy and three-toned. But soon she'll be looking fine and will only have two tones.

Moose in the Beaver Bog-14.jpg
She doesn't like her photo being taken

This is a cross-post from meeyauw's Photo A Day blog (where the photos are larger).


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