Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thirsty Buddy

Thirsty Buddy-3.jpg

Buddy and I were walking around the back inspecting the new gardens and the revived brook. It was very hot and Buddy was thirsty. I expected him to just lean over and drink from the brook, but he walked in. At times his ears went back in distaste of the cold water, but he didn't stop walking through it. In fact, Buddy walked down the brook to the bridge that John built over it and then explored under the bridge. In these photographs, I like the looks of his little white feet in the water.

Thirsty Buddy-13.jpg

Thirsty Buddy-17.jpg

Today we went to a Labour of Love Gardens in Glover and found Siberian Irises to plant on the banks of the brook to complete the restoration. Next summer the brook will be more beautiful than ever. When you are in Glover, you have to stop by the gardens. She has plants that are difficult to find and her prices are reasonable. She also has the largest collection in Vermont of sempervivum (plants like hens and chicks).


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