Saturday, July 09, 2011

Buddy in the Nip

Buddy is Stoned-17.jpg

Occasionally I go out and weed the flower gardens and Buddy, as always, comes with me. He loves to work in the garden with me because there are three catnip plants that he especially cares for. He can lie in the middle of all three plants and enjoy himself until he passes out and sleeps for hours. Buddy's addiction is so bad that when he gets up and goes out in the morning, he often runs directly to the nip for a morning jolt.

Buddy is Stoned-25.jpg

Because the 'nip is at the far end of the garden, the other cats haven't found it yet. My feeling is that Buddy isn't into sharing the location with them, either.

Buddy is Stoned-27.jpg

Buddy is Stoned-28.jpg

Buddy is Stoned-34.jpg

I think I will have to cut, dry, and process the catnip for Buddy’s wintertime pleasure!


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