Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our First Image of Oscar

My First Visit with Oscar at Frontier Aniimal Society-2.jpg
Oscar in his cage at Frontier Animal Society on June 21

When I went to Frontier Animal Society in Orleans on June 21 with an inkling of an idea about another cat for the family, I saw Oscar in this huge cage. He was all alone. He talked and flirted with anyone who went by and played with a pretty girl that was about his age who had the privilege of walking freely about the shelter. This is our first image of Oscar.

My First Visit with Oscar at Frontier Aniimal Society-5.jpg
The little girl Oscar was playing with through his bars.

Oscar's Tongue-1.jpg
June 26: Oscar plays with the bathroom faucet.

Oscar's Doughnut-1.jpg
June 26: Oscar stole some bites of doughnut on the kitchen counter.

There will be more regular updates on Oscar now that I have, once again, begun to catch up on my photo editing. He's doing beautifully and having a grand time with Buddy.



  1. Oh! How cute is he. When I was a little girl I had a black cat with white. My old cat friend was a stray too. Been a long time, but your pictures bring up fond memories.

  2. I think Oscar is so adorable. His little white gloves are fabulous!


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