Saturday, July 30, 2011

Possum The Irritating Cat

Possum Takes a Hike.jpg
Camouflage Cat

Possum now comes on the daily morning bird walks with Buddy, Oscar and me. She is so irritating that I try to leave the house when she is napping. That doesn't work so well. She always manages to catch up to us.

Possum Takes a Hike-3.jpg
Log Walking Cat

Possum doesn't interact well with the other cats, and seldom pays attention to their behaviors outdoors. That means that she doesn't know what dangers are around and doesn't follow us so well. If she loses sight of us, she begins yowling and we have to wait while she locates my voice and catches up.

Possum Takes a Hike-5.jpg
Tree Sniffing Cat

Sometimes Possum is courageous and as I call her to come towards me, she will stop, look at me, and deliberately turn and go in the other direction. I used to wait for her to return, or I would go lead her back. Now I just let her go. If she is going to be like that, then I let her be like that.

Possum Takes a Hike-7.jpg
Trail Blazing Cat

Possum doesn't play well with the others. If Oscar ambushes her from behind (or up) a tree, she gets all prissy and leaves us by going deeper in the woods. Possum has no experience in the woods, so she gets lost again and yowls.

Possum Takes a Hike-9.jpg
Nature Observing Cat

Occasionally, like in the photos above and below, Possum pays attention and follows the trail I make in tall grasses. Oscar hates tall grasses and cries for me to carry him. Possum glumly trudges close behind me until the grasses clear and she can high tail it for the house.

Possum Takes a Hike-11.jpg
Grumpy Cat

Possum gets grumpy when we go through the grasses, but at least she may follow us out to the back road. But she will ignore everything I say and play deaf. She is the most irritating child on hikes.

Possum Takes a Hike-14.jpg
Playing Deaf Cat

Photos from our July 4, 2011 morning bird/cat walk.



  1. Possum wants to go for the walk too and is so afraid of being left behind. Perhaps putting a leash on Possum may help!

  2. Hi, Chair. I truly was irritated when I wrote this post, wasn't I. I have calmed down. The girl cats have been quite the handful lately. Thank you for the suggestion!


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