Monday, August 01, 2011

Oscar’s E-card (or, Oscar Says Hi)

Oscar's Daily Walk-7.jpg
Oscar is actually trying to catch deer flies here.

Yankee Magazine is having the Cutest Cat in New England Contest. Of course I entered Oscar because he is the cutest cat in all of New England (just look at the other entries and you will agree!). If you have a kitty that you think is cuter than Oscar (not!) and if you and this kitty live in New England, click here and enter a photo!

Click here to view and send Oscar's e-card!
The cats with the most page views go on to the final round, so please click!
Later this fall I may be asking you to vote for his photo to win the prize!



  1. OMG this picture is so cute! I'd vote for Oscar :)

  2. That photo is so cute! Good luck to Oscar!

  3. Thank you, all! In my web stats, I can see that I have had quite a few hits from this post and the sidebar. I am optimistic. Thank you for clicking!


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