Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sheffield Wind Turbines

Sheffield Wind Farm Construction-3.jpg
I-91 Southbound between Exits 25 and 24

After years of legal fighting, the windmills are going up on Hardscrabble Mountain in Sheffield. These are the first photographs that I took on July 7, 2011. There are about 8 turbines up now, and as I proceed through my photograph editing, you will be able to follow the construction as it proceeds. There will be a total of 16 turbines installed when this construction is over.

Sheffield Wind Farm Construction-4.jpg

After years of protests, I am now accepting the towers. They are beautiful in a way. I still mourn the loss of two hundred acres of habitat and I still am concerned about birds and bats (what are left of them). But moaning now won't change a thing, so I'm going to sit back and enjoy photographing them. I hope to visit the site in the future.

Sheffield Wind Farm Construction-7.jpg

Sheffield Wind Farm Construction-8.jpg


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  1. Andree,
    Good photos of the turbines! They are surprisingly difficult to photograph well. Here's my blog on the topic of the new turbines:

    Martin Holladay
    Wheelock, Vermont


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