Monday, August 01, 2011

Team Hunting

Team Hunt.jpg

Pansy spends all her days outside from 6 AM to 7 PM, rain or shine. I don't know what she does because she doesn't like me one little bit and avoids me. Bu I did manage to capture her hunting with the love of her life, Buddy. Until this day (July 6, 2011), Pansy had only caught one mouse, and that was in New Hampshire two summers ago. But since this photo, she has caught and brought home three mice. She's improving her technique and the pickings here are good. Pansy’s mice are always dead and she always brings them home to the kitchen. She does not eat her kills and lets the other cats enjoy them.

Team Hunt-1.jpg

If looks could kill, I would have been dead in my tracks with Pansy's evil eye.

Team Hunt-2.jpg



  1. Hunting looks so innocent and natural from this vantage point. But, oh, that killing look!

  2. One thinks of motion while hunting, but cats save their motions and energy at all times. Often people don't see this as hunting but the cats are sitting there listening to any mouse sounds and watching for any movement of the grasses. It's a fascinating sequence to observe. Eventually you will see a languid cat spring in the air onto a mouse.

    And yes, she has a killer stare. Thank you, Sandy.


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