Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: Our Thanksgiving Dinner

Corn Casserole-1.jpg
Corn Casserole
The recipe is here. John likes it hot and cold, I only like it hot.

Apple Pie from our trees-1.jpg
John's apple pie from our apples
Sorry but there is no recipe; John wrote it himself.
The best pie ever and it is all I ever want in life.

Pie Crust Rolls-1.jpg
Pie crust pinwheels
I flavored them with maple sugar cinnamon but forgot the butter and cooked them too long.
Not enough cinnamon and so dry they almost killed me.

Yvette's Pickled Beets-1.jpg
Yvette's Pickled Beets
The best I have ever tasted. Delicate flavors with the pickled tang.
Bought at E.M. Brown
Pickled In Vermont:

My cranberry sauce-1.jpg
My cranberry sauce
Same old great recipe and the berries were good this year.

Squash Pie from Our Red Kuri Squash-1.jpg
Squash Pie
Made with our Red Kuri squash from the garden.
Note to self: decrease brown sugar for this sweet squash. Recipe here.

Turkey (cooked the day before, which was the best thing we have ever done), stuffing, potatoes
Note to self: Be sure to do the same next year. Or maybe at Christmas!


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