Sunday, November 06, 2011

St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri-3.jpg
The Arch

Andrew went to St. Louis with friends and sent me these three iPhone photos. I'm impressed with the quality of the shots . . . better than the old iPhones.

St. Louis, Missouri-2.jpg
St. Louis Basilica

Such a lovely building. For more information and a virtual tour, click here. The interior is spectacular. The Wikipedia article is here.

St. Louis, Missouri-1.jpg
The view from his hotel room.



  1. Ah. I see that the posting is working now, Andree. That's great.

    I agree. Camera phones take great pictures. The arch picture is very dramatic and probably the only view of it like that I'll ever see since heights make me dizzy.

  2. Yes, it works! And I agree with you. I may even get dizzy at the bottom of it!


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