Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Tiniest Wasp

Unidentified Wasp on John's Arm -3.jpg
A tiny unidentified wasp on John's arm.

John called me over one day to see the tiny wasp crawling on his arm. We had been working in the garden and my camera was close by, as it always is. I couldn't even tell that this was a wasp until the photo was in the computer! It never stung him. It simply crawled on his arm, apparently looking for food. You can tell from the photos that there is pollen in its pollen bags on its legs. To see the wasp and pollen clearly, click here.

Unidentified Wasp on John's Arm -2.jpg
I like this photo because the wasp is walking.



  1. He sure was, Sandy. I thought it was a mosquito and would've swatted him flat!


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