Friday, November 18, 2011

The Crane Fly

Black Crane Fly-7.jpg

I found this beautiful black crane fly on the patio of the library on a very hot July day this past summer. I have asked to identify it but they have called in the experts for the ID. Crane flies eat mosquitoes and are one of my favorite insects. They have very long legs, and this one had exceptionally long legs (below):

Black Crane Fly-4.jpg

I was even lucky enough one day this year to photograph a crane fly larva that was in the brook in the back yard:

Crane Fly Larva Underwater.jpg
Crane fly larvae are also called leatherjackets.

I didn't even think this black crane fly was a crane fly because it was black and because the legs seemed so exceptionally long. Also, this was a heavier crane fly than I had seen. Hopefully, an identification will come along soon!

UPDATE (December 9, 2011): This has now been identified as a Giant Crane Fly (Tipula abdominalis). You can find out more by reading the bug page at here.



  1. These are wonderful photos, my friend. You are a marvel with that camera.

  2. aww, thank you, Sandy. You make me blush!

  3. Wonderful, striking photos!!!! And interesting!

  4. Good morning, Mary. I was hoping that as a naturalist, you could ID this fly. But I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you!


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