Friday, January 20, 2012

The Longest Ovipositor. Ever.

Ichneumon Wasp (Megarhyssa macrurus).jpg
Ichneumon Wasp (Megarhyssa macrurus)

That is an ovipositor, not a stinger. These wasps use that long ovipositor to drill holes through the bark of trees in order to lay their eggs. One of my goals next summer is to see the drilling live and close-up. They keep the ovipositor at a 90° angle to their body while they are drilling. This Ichneumon wasp was in the house in the window. After photographs, we took the screen down and let it out into the wilderness to lay those eggs. I wish I had followed it.

Ichneumon Wasp (Megarhyssa macrurus)-2.jpg
The wasp is quite lovely.



  1. Whew! I was just dive-bombed by one that became trapped in our garage ~ I'm not sure which of us was more anxious to get out of there!

    As an avid gardener, I don't instinctively 'swat', but this is the first time in years I ducked and ran. :)

    I was trying to think about how I should describe it to my hubby:
    "Like a mix between a giant wasp; a hummingbird; a dragonfly and...a horsewhip?"



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